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SAP Information Steward is a single solution for all data stewardship activities. It provides business analysts, data stewards, and IT users with a single collaborative environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of their enterprise data assets.

»Through the Data Insight module of Information Steward, business analysts and data stewards discover data characteristics and data relationships, create and run validation rules to perform business process centric data quality assessment, identify and analyze bad data and monitor data quality through scorecards.
» Metadata Management module enables business analysts and data stewards to catalog their data and understand the relationships of their enterprise data
» Metapedia is essentially a business term taxonomy that data stewards can define to develop common understanding across business and IT users that sets the foundation for their information governance initiative.
» Cleansing Package Builder module provides data stewards the ability to define cleansing packages and effectively apply their business expertise into the process of data cleansing and data standardization.
» My Worklist is a centralized task management component within Information Steward through which data stewards and business analysis can engage in Match Review tasks, inspect results of automated matching on a regular basis and make any necessary corrections.