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The Risk Assessment Framework For Technology (RAFT) is a comprehensive set of resources that contains all the Information organizations needed to adopt an IT governance and control framework. RAFT provides good practices across an organization and process framework in a manageable and logical structure to help optimize IT-enabled investments and ensure IT is successful in delivering against business requirements.

» RAFT contributes to an enterprise needs by making a measurable link between the business requirements and IT goals.
» Organizing IT activities into a generally accepted process model.
» Identifying the major IT resources to be leveraged.
» Defining the management control objectives to be considered.

Providing tools for management :
» – Goals and metrics to enable IT performance to be measured.
» – Maturity models to enable process capability to be benchmarked.
» – Responsible, accountable, consulted and informed (RACI) charts to clarify roles and responsibilities.

The RAFT IT processes, business requirements and control objectives define what needs to be done to implement an effective control structure to improve IT performance and address IT solution and service delivery risks.